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Technology and Trends in Education Assignment 3240 PIDP Donald Berry The goal of this assignment is to find two articles related to social media’s new role in education and one Web 2. 0 tool that can be used for education.

Article # 1 Social Media in Education:  The Power of Facebook In this article, the author discusses how Facebook can be more than just a social networking tool. Until recently the author herself was new to using Facebook and Twitter, and became a fast convert to the power of social media.  She posits that Facebook can be an excellent tool and opportunity to teach students to advocate and be heard.  Using two very different issues the author makes a compelling case. In her first anecdote the author explains how a Tucson science teacher’s attempt to get his students get involved in community issues ignited their flame of advocacy. The students created a Facebook page and posted a rap song on YouTube to stimulate public awareness. In the second anecdote the author details how a single teacher’s Facebook page became a tool for educational reform that has reached all the way to the White House itself. Instead of his lone voice, that teacher now has 2000 voices speaking with him. As a teacher herself, the author sees a positive role for social media in this era.

Article #2 Why Social Media Can and Is Changing Education The author in this article discusses how he has seen the potential of social media for educational purposes and reasons why he feels it should be embraced by all schools. . He breaks his argument into five topics and attempts to build his case. The author’s first point is that social media is essentially free so everyone can participate regardless of their financial status. Teachers must be creative with the funds they have available. Secondly, the author uses a small school as an example for his next point that social media connects us to the world at large and reduces isolation. For his third point, social media promotes understanding and tolerance of other cultures by allowing us not only to experience them and talk to them as well. For his fourth point the author states social media “amplifies passion”. By this he means stimulating connections between those of like minds and opinions. In his final point the author discusses how he feels social media builds relationships by providing a deeper level of connection and transparency between academics and the general public. Web 2.0 Education tool I found an excellent Web 2.0 educational tool called Quizlet. As an instructor one of the biggest challenges for me and my students has been teaching students how to study for exams. Quizlet is amazing and allows students to study using electronic flash cards they can access from their laptop or phone. Students and teachers alike can create and customize their own study tools. Quizlet is available for elementary and high school subjects as well as a growing number of college and university subjects.

References: Couros, G. (2012) Why Social Media Can and Is Changing Education. Retrieved from on October 10, 2012. Wolpert-Gawron, H. (2010) Social Media in Education:  The Power of Facebook. Retrieved from on October 9, 2012.

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