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My Life So Far

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At 10 PM August 28th.1961 I arrived in the world almost two weeks late. I was a very shy, introverted child and it didn’t help that my family moved frequently. You see, my dad was a soldier and was posted across Canada where he was needed. He even spent 2 tours as a Peacekeeper in Egypt and Cyprus. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister,and we are very different people. I wanted to be a barber when I grew up, as my dad’s cousin cut our hair and I really admired him. I was a very average student through elementary and high school, and decided to become a chef after graduation. I worked in various restaurants and cafeterias, until one day I made the decision to return to college and earn my Registered Nurse Diploma. It was the best idea I ever had. I have seen and learned so much, and in 2001 I attended UBC to attain my Baccalaureate in Nursing. I then travelled to Palo Alto California and spent 3 years nursing Cancer patients. I returned to Canada in 2005 and worked for 3and a half years caring for patients in an Extended Care facility. In 2009 I applied for and was accepted to teach Licensed Practical Nursing students, a job I remain employed at the current date. In order to become a better educator I am taking advantage of my company’s tuition reimbursement policy to achieve my Provincial Instructor’s Diploma.


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